Snow big deal

I wish they’d do this on my street.

Pineapple Snowman

While taking a walk today, I found this little guy in a front lawn in Brookline. Extra points for Hawaiian style.

Comm Ave

The Green Line was one of the few things that actually could move in the hours after the snow had let up some. Sadly this didn’t last long, considering we returned to work today.

I do remember at the time I took this, what it would take to tap in to the catenary wires overhead and run it directly into my powerless apartment. After some pondering, I decided it wouldn’t be worth it.


Well, we’ve been hit by a blizzard… again. This time at least everyone was home and able to enjoy it. Not soon after I woke up (and then lost power), my inner child couldn’t wait to go outside and play in the snow a bit. So I got dressed, grabbed my camera, and out I went.

Since a snow emergency was declared, everyone on the street was forced to dig out and move their cars, or get towed away. I’m really not sure how the towing would have happened, considering I saw a wrecker stuck in the snow itself, however I was very happy to have off-street parking.

Snow Twig

In anticipation of a snowy weekend, I post a snowy twig.

The little minivan that could

The morning after the “Blizzard of 2010.” This true New Englander slid his way uphill like a boss.

I on the other hand, was knee-deep in a snowbank that looked a lot more solid than it really was.

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