Future Butterfly

Amazing metamorphosis when you think about it.

Disney Duck

No relation to Donald Duck, but one of the many creatures we made friends with on our trip to Disney World. Clearly he wanted food, of which we had none.


Another character from Old Sturbridge Village.

Here, th’arr be pirates!

Little pirate dudes in the window of the Pirate Museum in Salem.


No, these guys were not from Thanksgiving (though I should post something from that day…) but rather from Old Sturbridge Village.

After watching one of these turkeys chase a chicken to the other side of that fence, and then not know how to get back to its partner on the other side, any feelings of remorse I may have had for roasting these guys on a yearly basis, vanished.


Shortly after Thanksgiving, Lauren and I took a trip to Old Sturbridge Village, where I managed to get a shot of this potter at work.

Cape Cod Light

 Considering the cold and rainy weather we’ve got today, I figured I’d post something from a warmer time.  I took this last August while I was on the Cape.  Cape Cod Light, also known as Highland Light, can be found in North Truro.  Originally completed in 1857, the lighthouse needed to be moved away from the eroding shoreline in 1996, as it was only 128 feet away from toppling over the nearby cliff.  Over a course of 18 days, the lighthouse was slowly inched 450 feet to the west to a safer location.  Well, at least for now.


 The Space Shuttle Enterprise, now residing in the National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.  This craft never made it into orbit, but was used for atmospheric and landing tests.  Plus it was named Enterprise, thus making it awesome.

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