Stop Motion




This landmine didn’t make it to the “Battle of the Bulbs” series, but due to my ever increasing need to shoot more, it made it to today’s post.

It’s Raining Green Glass

Previously unseen runner-up from my High Speed portfolio. However, blogworthy.


An overexposed test shot from my high speed project is today’s post. Nothing is breaking in this shot, except perhaps my patience at that particular moment in time.

Crash Test

Back when I was working on my high speed photography project, I put my flash trigger apparatus through a battery of tests in order to fine tune it to get the photograph I wanted. There were many subjects for these tests: lots of balloons, an assortment of glass jars from the recycle bin, even some old CDs.

Eventually I remembered one of my favorite childhood toys, my Crash Dummy figurines complete with crash car. A perfect subject, especially considering I could put it back together and crash it over and over again, something I couldn’t do with the balloons or glassware. This is one of the winners from that day.

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