Happy August!

I begin this month with a shot taken back in April during the Boston Marathon.

I’m not sure which I’d rather, racing in a wheelchair, or one of these hand cycles.


Burnin’ Rubber

Result of the burnout after the race at Loudon, NH. Took this one on the track during our track walk.

Toy Cars on Pit Road

Another attempt at tilt-shift photoshopping. I promise there will be a non-NASCAR related photograph next.


I’ll stop with the cars soon, I swear.


Strange looking cars, but pretty friggin sweet. Definitely the most exciting race I’ve seen at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Great side-by-side racing and a wicked close finish.

It really makes me want to get my hands on some Indycar tickets for next year…

Ludicrous Speed

After a few year’s hiatus, my Dad and I returned to Loudon, NH for a day filled with stock car racing. Yesterday featured two races, one for the Whelen Modified Tour, the other for the NASCAR Nationwide series. While the Nationwide race was rather dull, the Modifieds put on quite a show, with a side-by-side finish I had not yet seen before in person.
Seeing the Modified race is just a taste of what to come next year when the IZOD IndyCar series returns to Loudon.

Today’s picture is from neither of those races, but rather from the practice run for today’s Sprint Cup series race, The Lenox Industrial Tools 301. Why 301 and not 300? Because they go the extra mile! * Insert groan here *

Pictured here is today’s winner, the number 48 of Jimmy Johnson. More pictures to come.


The Celtics have made it to the NBA Finals after winning last night’s game.

This photo is from the last time the C’s made it to the Finals in 2008.

Legends Classic

Scene from the Legends Classic at Fenway Park, January 2, 2010.

Five hours and six gigabytes later…

Later on in the day, I noticed this kid high five any soldier that would march by. The first time it I noticed it happened out of the corner of my eye, and obviously I’m not that fast with the camera. The second time there were too many runners between them and myself. Another soldier went by, but unfortunately on the opposite side of the road. I waited and watched down the road, hoping that even though the five hour mark was approaching, another soldier would still come by.

After a while I got my chance. Simultaneously both myself and the kid took our position in the street, me on one knee, the kid’s arm outreached. As the soldier approached, instead of amusing the youngster with just another high five, he reaches up, tears the American flag off his uniform, and gives it to the boy. Of course the exchange was sealed with another high five, at which point I took my picture. I decided that would be a good point to end my shooting that day, and this also ends my series of marathon photos for now. Until I run out of other things to post that is.

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