Earth Casts its Shadow

I liked the juxtaposition of the moon and the streetlight (streetlight, not UFO). I need to find a camera mount for my telescope. I smell a project coming up…

Creepy Moon

Taken somewhere in Allston.

Moments Before Sunrise

You all should remember this photograph of a sunrise I posted a while back. This was the first shot I took on location that morning, roughly half an hour before the sun broke the horizon.

Tonal Sunset

Sometimes good things happen by accident. For instance when editing this I miss-clicked and converted this shot of the sunset to black and white. Oddly enough I liked it.

Well it’s just so friggin cool…

Looking through my images from this past weekend I got caught up on another one of these. So again I post lightning.

Lightning is awesome.

Lightning over Lake Mascoma

So I made up for yesterday’s lost photo opportunity with this shot here. After a lovely day soaking up sun lakeside, splashing around and even taking a sailboat out for a spin, we were treated to nature’s own fireworks show (and as seeing that this was New Hampshire, some of the neighbors were competing, and not succeeding in distracting me from what was right in front of me).

I’ve always wanted to shoot lightning, and after briefly being discouraged for not having brought my tripod with me, I shook it off and improvised with a picnic table sitting in the yard. This shot here turned out to be my favorite. And now I can say I’ve photographed lightning.

For those interested, here are the tech specs:
Exposure: 4.5 seconds at f 7.1
ISO: 1600
Focal length: 55mm

Cirrus Sunset

More from White Horse Beach last week. Time to get caught up…


This was taken just a few hours ago during a fantastically relaxing photo shoot with Kat at White Horse Beach in Manomet, MA. Trying to escape Boston during rush hour is never a great idea, however arriving at the beach just in time to see this is pure gold and makes the trip COMPLETELY worth it.

I had a really nice evening and more shots from tonight will be coming, including some HDR photos!

Pretty sky

Beautiful sky the night of the 4th.


Mike asked for a picture of the full moon. So, here ya go!

And for tomorrow, NASCAR!

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