The little minivan that could

The morning after the “Blizzard of 2010.” This true New Englander slid his way uphill like a boss.

I on the other hand, was knee-deep in a snowbank that looked a lot more solid than it really was.


After spending another day with my new mammoth of a lens, I can honestly say I love it. Image quality is phenomenal. I now know what I’ve been missing all these years owning my D200, good glass. The past few weeks using both new lenses has felt like I’ve been freed from the “photo block” I’ve had the past year or so.

I have learned some things playing with it today that’ll definitely come in handy down the line. Getting this shot for today’s post took a lot of patience with stabilization. First mistake, flimsy tripod holding a ton of weight. This will have to be addressed in the future. Next, shooting on an wooden deck that shakes each time someone takes a step. Third, shooting essentially a sprig of grass on a windy day. Getting a shot that was not blurred took a bit of work.

The good news is that this seems to only be a real issue when attempting macro work. Telephoto shots at a distance seem just fine, as proven by yesterdays shot of the top of a tree, also on a windy day. Other shots I took today handheld at a distance were also sharp as a tack. Shooting wide open at 200mm yields absolutely beautiful bokeh, that green in the background of this shot is my neighbors yard, not some backdrop.

Now of course there is a newer version of this lens that has vibration reduction built in. While this would be a nice feature, especially for macro work (which this lens is not designed for but to an extent usable for) I don’t think that it’s worth the extra thousand dollars. A decent tripod or monopod even would be just fine. Not just for stabilization, but this sucker is heavy.

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