Self Portrait

Not sure if I’ve ever posted myself on this blog. Maybe you guys would know…

Yellow Eyes

Charlie in front of our Christmas Tree, at f/1.6.

Why not 1.4? Apparently I missed a stop. Sue me.

Victory! Well, not really.

Background story: So I was out on Skyline trail again with my buddy Jim. As we approached the top of the hill, we heard some rustling in the trees below us. Watching carefully, I saw the white tail of a dear flash through an opening in some branches. I jumped back down the rockface to try and catch another glimpse of the dear, leaving poor Jim and his gripless, worn-out sneakers behind.

Sadly I did not see said deer again, however on my way back up told Jim to strike a pose. This is the result. Not a deer, but a Jim. Just as good.

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The Jim

In his natural habitat, the Jim perches high above the tree line, stalking his prey.

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On location

Another from the archives.

Let’s get some new material soon, shall we?

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The Return of Ryan Patrick

The little dude’s growing up! Since the last time I’ve photographed him he’s learned to crawl, pretty soon nothing will hold him back.

On the Edge

Don’t jump!!


Kat! The camera is right there!! Just… gotta.. reach…

Side by Side

Kat and Lisa in another shot from that photo shoot. There were moments that day when I confused the two. Still, loads of fun that day.


Lisa and Kat (left to right) during our shoot a few weekends ago for Kat’s female identity project.

And yes, they’re twins.

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