Make a wish

If only these things were real. What would you wish for?

Here, th’arr be pirates!

Little pirate dudes in the window of the Pirate Museum in Salem.


I’m pining for you.

Pining I say.


Burn baby, burn.

Pictureless post!? How can that be?

I know it’s crazy, posting to my photo blog without posting a new picture. How could I do such a thing?

Today’s post instead will be dedicated to a photograph that should have been, but sadly was not. Earlier this evening while driving up to Enfield, NH to visit my friend Matt, I managed to get to drive through yet another fun thunderstorm. Lightning everywhere, it was a grand old time. When I emerged from the storm, the sun was just setting, casting a reddish hue over just about everything.

As I continued driving north on I-93, I noticed a small pond just off the highway to my left. With the now rust colored storm clouds as a backdrop, this small pond was very pretty. It was exactly the shot you see in scenic coffee table books about New England. As I looked back at it through my rear view mirror, not only was the small little pond as beautiful as ever, but a rainbow now graced the fiery orange sky right above it.

If I had room to pull over somewhere on that highway without dying or spending the night in the slammer next to Bubba Mack, I certainly would have, however this was not at all possible on this stretch of road. So this shot, sadly, remains only a memory, and not a 16 x 20 print on my wall. Or my next blog post. Here’s to you, Storm Lake Rainbow picture.


The lights Mike installed along the walkway of his new house are very pretty when they turn on. Even prettier after a few drinks.

Conversion to black and white and split-toning done in Lightroom 3


Who said these things were just for drawing?


Who said blurry shots need to be failures? Exaggerate the flaws and it actually looks kinda cool. Also looks like I took it with my Holga. But I didn’t.

More flowers

Some more flower blooms. Going to need another shoot soon…


Step and repeat. Step and repeat. Step and repeat…

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