Pineapple Snowman

While taking a walk today, I found this little guy in a front lawn in Brookline. Extra points for Hawaiian style.

Pure Bokeh

While at my parents for Christmas, I was playing with focus (or lack thereof) and the lights on the Christmas tree. I liked the abstract results.

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I really liked this shot, mainly because everybody looked so happy. However the exposure wasn’t exactly perfect. That’s when we get fancy with the presets, makes everything better.

Mendez Margarita

And that catches me up for July. Goal for August… be more persistent!

On the Edge

Don’t jump!!


Avast ye sailboats!

Really? I’m talking to sailboats now?


I can’t decide whether this is a fitting tribute to an awesome cookout, or a sign I really need to get out and take more pictures…

I think its time for another hike, who’s with me!?

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Photoshop Fun

I mentioned one day at work that I should photoshop this little guy with a lightsaber. So I’ll make today’s a silly post.

The lightsaber was done with a little outer glow added to a rasterized line, and the squirrel’s evil glare is courtesy of the liquify tool. Original is below for comparison.

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Fun times from bowling last week.

Mainly I really like the lighting and color here.

Also can I just say that I’m really impressed with the built in noise reduction in Photoshop CS5. Very impressive. Better than Noise Ninja in my experience with it. That is all.

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