Future Butterfly

Amazing metamorphosis when you think about it.

Disney Duck

No relation to Donald Duck, but one of the many creatures we made friends with on our trip to Disney World. Clearly he wanted food, of which we had none.


Once again, I suck at updating. The good news is, winter is over, the weather is getting much nicer, and I WANT to take more pictures.

Do I really feel bad about missing one or two hundred posts? No, mainly because I just posted 400+ photos from my recent vacation at Disney World. Yeah I know it doesn’t count, but that just means my camera is 400+ shutter actuations closer to dying. That sounds a lot more grim than I intended, but happy new posts abound!

A little info about this shot, it was actually taken with my new point and shoot. I love that little camera, expect to see more images from it in the future.


No, these guys were not from Thanksgiving (though I should post something from that day…) but rather from Old Sturbridge Village.

After watching one of these turkeys chase a chicken to the other side of that fence, and then not know how to get back to its partner on the other side, any feelings of remorse I may have had for roasting these guys on a yearly basis, vanished.

Yellow Eyes

Charlie in front of our Christmas Tree, at f/1.6.

Why not 1.4? Apparently I missed a stop. Sue me.

Awkward Dog

As cute as this guy is, he really has to be the most awkwardly built dog I’ve seen.

It’s been HOW long?

It’s rather embarrassing how long its been since my last post on here, but in all fairness I’ve been busy getting started as a wedding photographer (examples of which will be coming soon, I assure you). Seeing that its been over a month since my last post, starting today I’ll be posting multiple shots each day to try to make up for the lack of effort I’ve put into this blog.

To start off, a few shots from when I went apple picking this past weekend. The first shot is pretty self-explanatory, if you don’t know a cute bunny when you see one you need help.

The leaf shot was taken in broad daylight, just exposed for the light shining through the leaf so the background is completely underexposed. Pretty cool detail, might end up on my wall soon.


The Return of Cooper


So much emotion in this pup’s face. Too bad he is afraid of men. I only got to pet him once the whole weekend.

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