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Missile Assembly Building

One of the remaining structures still standing on the site is a part of the missile assembly building. This, along with another building next to it, is where they received and assembled (shocker!) the missiles to be stored in underground bunkers. No miscellaneous missile parts here, though evidence of a great airsoft battle was found.

I’m also taking critiques on this one. I think I’ll be revisiting it in the digital darkroom.

Guard Shack

Security post at the gate of Nike Missile Site B-55L Blue Hills, active from 1955-1963. This site, along with hundreds of other across the country, once held Ajax missiles in attempt to protect the country from Soviet bombers during the Cold War.

Just down this road we found the missile assembly buildings, and the remnants of the missile bunkers and launch pads. You can bet those photos are coming soon.

Dispose of Properly

Old can found near an abandoned missile base from the Cold War period. I guess chucking it in the woods was proper back then. More fun pictures to come.

Future Butterfly

Amazing metamorphosis when you think about it.

Disney Duck

No relation to Donald Duck, but one of the many creatures we made friends with on our trip to Disney World. Clearly he wanted food, of which we had none.

Earth Casts its Shadow

I liked the juxtaposition of the moon and the streetlight (streetlight, not UFO). I need to find a camera mount for my telescope. I smell a project coming up…


Once again, I suck at updating. The good news is, winter is over, the weather is getting much nicer, and I WANT to take more pictures.

Do I really feel bad about missing one or two hundred posts? No, mainly because I just posted 400+ photos from my recent vacation at Disney World. Yeah I know it doesn’t count, but that just means my camera is 400+ shutter actuations closer to dying. That sounds a lot more grim than I intended, but happy new posts abound!

A little info about this shot, it was actually taken with my new point and shoot. I love that little camera, expect to see more images from it in the future.

Make a wish

If only these things were real. What would you wish for?

Halloween Landscape

Looking towards Brighton this past Halloween.

Snow big deal

I wish they’d do this on my street.

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